On the lookout for our 2018 team....

One of Kélian's creations - Rhubarbe mousse with passionfruit cream

One of Kélian's creations - Rhubarbe mousse with passionfruit cream

Xavier and Kélian - 2017

Xavier and Kélian - 2017

The snow still blankets the ground here in Gaspésie, but we're thinking summer already.

If you are a baker, pastry cook, cook or seller who is conscientious and passionate about their work, and you are tempted by the idea of a summer breathing the clean, salty air of Gaspésie, hesitate no longer! We want to hear from you.

You can find details about available jobs for the 2018 season on Emploi quebec, or you can get in touch via the website.



Posted on March 15, 2018 .

Recruitment and rendezvous

one fruit tart1.jpg

Calling bakers, pastry cooks, cooks and sellers! We're looking for staff to power our petit boulangerie this summer season, people who enjoy working in a team, sharing knowledge, learning, experimenting, and creating and serving lovingly prepared, great tasting produce.

Teri ponders her next creation, 2015

Teri ponders her next creation, 2015

 Sounds like you? Get in touch! Job details can be found on Emploi Quebec.

Also, we will be attending the Journée de l'emploi, (Job Day) held by the MRC de Rocher Percé on Thursday April 7th between midday and 5pm at the Club de l'âge d'or in Chandler. Come and say hello!

Posted on March 20, 2017 .

Bakery watch - Merci la vie

While staying in Montreal last month we took a day trip to Prévost, in the Laurentians. Xavier was keen to visit a bakery there he'd heard about, intriguingly named 'Merci la Vie'. (I saw intriguingly because I don't remember coming across an equivalent in English, but I will add beautifully named, also).

Albert and Johanne opened their unique and lovely bakery/café in November 2015, and have garnered an excellent, and deserved, reputation since. The space is small but open and light, and as a visitor you feel a part of the action, with Albert's workspace just beside the tables and the rest of the team bustling away just on the other side of the counter. And the food! We tried both pizzas (one with a garlicky, fresh tomato base, the other with pancetta and egg), the soupe du jour (à l'oignon), and a deliciously rich cookie composed of matcha, pistachio, cardamon and white chococolate. Everything seemed to have a unique twist (pizzas have a naan-like dough, chargrilled) and was beautiful to taste and look at.

Merci, Merci la Vie!

Posted on March 20, 2017 .

Staff recruitment 2016

Happy new year to all!

I hope it's a good one.

I'm back for my extremely rare but inevitably consistent blog post: that one seeking new staff for the summer season. Yes, we start early up in this neck of the woods. Currently we have job offers for some baker/pastry cook positions, and cook positions posted on Emploi Quebec, with some seller positions to follow soon.

We're a small team who strive to provide a quality service and a memorable experience for all our customers. We offer classic french pâtisseries and viennoiseries, quebecois tarts and slices, light lunches (including a range of vegetarian soups, salads and quiches) and artisanal, handmade breads. All are homemade! We like keeping our favourites on the menu, but we also like challenging ourselves with fresh ideas and new products.

If you feel like a sea change this summer, and if the idea of joining a friendly, conscientious and dynamic team appeals, please get in touch!

Below are some desserts made by our 2015 pâtissier, Flavien. Just to whet your appetite...

Posted on January 26, 2016 .

International bakery watch

Hang on, that doesn't look like Gaspésie??

That's because it's not! As the snow stubbornly sticks around up in this neck of the woods, I find myself thinking of other warmer places I've been recently, and some of the great bakeries we found there. Hats off to those who correctly identified the town - excuse me, city - above as Canberra, Australia's capital.

Canberra really is a foodie town - it has a wonderful weekend farmer's market, and a host of new eating places have sprung up that believe deeply in the 'paddock to plate' philosophy. And it has some super bakeries!

Our new find was Autolyse in Braddon. Autolyse is a french-style bakery/pâtisserie who serve up beautiful breakfasts and lunches. Have a look at the menu and drool a little. We just took away some breads and sampled some pastries - all good - and I must say that our rye sourdough proved to have the best longevity of any bread bought in Australia. Just perfect for camping! Thanks, Autolyse.

Posted on April 9, 2015 .

It's staff recruitment time again!

Oh dear. It seems like the poor impoverished bakery news is limited just to posts on staff recruitment and commencing the season. I really should change that.

However, it IS that time again! Where we put out the call for eager and conscientious workers who would like a summer with a difference, in a beautiful part of the world. If you have qualifications in baking or pastry, or truly enjoy working in customer service do check out our job vacancies on Emploi Quebec.

Here's a little preview of la belle Gaspésie...of course all that ice will melt in due time (-:

Posted on March 24, 2015 .

Starting up the machine..

It's that time again - pre-season time! Machines are unpacked and tested, equipment is unloaded and put away. A long and cold winter has wreaked some havoc on the bakery exterior, though this seems to be a yearly occurrance. Sunny days are seized for painting and varnishing. We're a little late starting this year, but hopefully all will be in order for a late May opening...

A little wear and tear...

A little wear and tear...

Where does all this stuff go?

Where does all this stuff go?

Posted on May 15, 2014 .

Winter in Percé

The winter passes quietly in Percé. The temperature drops, the sea periodically freezes over.  Sometimes a few tourists pass through, en route to winter activities in Gaspé, or the Parc de la Gaspesie. Very few stores are open in Percé, however.  As you can see, the bakery is one store not yet open for business...

bakery snow 2.jpg
Posted on February 4, 2014 .