International bakery watch

Hang on, that doesn't look like Gaspésie??

That's because it's not! As the snow stubbornly sticks around up in this neck of the woods, I find myself thinking of other warmer places I've been recently, and some of the great bakeries we found there. Hats off to those who correctly identified the town - excuse me, city - above as Canberra, Australia's capital.

Canberra really is a foodie town - it has a wonderful weekend farmer's market, and a host of new eating places have sprung up that believe deeply in the 'paddock to plate' philosophy. And it has some super bakeries!

Our new find was Autolyse in Braddon. Autolyse is a french-style bakery/pâtisserie who serve up beautiful breakfasts and lunches. Have a look at the menu and drool a little. We just took away some breads and sampled some pastries - all good - and I must say that our rye sourdough proved to have the best longevity of any bread bought in Australia. Just perfect for camping! Thanks, Autolyse.

Posted on April 9, 2015 .